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Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

What to rant about... it would be quicker to list the things I do like... so I'm just going to choose one of my many annoying dislikes....FUDGING CHERYL COLE/TWEEDY, WHAT EVER YOU WANNA FUDGING CALL HER, I COULD NOT GIVE TWO SHAKES OF A RATS ASS... Okay, now I've got that out of my system... let me list the things I want to rant about her.
  1. The freakin' hair spray adverts she's in
  2. The fudging lipstick adverts she's in
  3. The annoying-ass shampoo and conditioner adverts
  4. The massive amount of shit stirred around about her and her freakin' break up with Mr Cole, what ever his name was, seriously, I could not give less of a damn about what the Hell is going on about there sparkly-ass lives!!!
  5. Her creating the WHINEY-ASS CHER LLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. How she decided to release her own songs.... I would rather listen to Justin Beiber... and that is as rare as a white kid saying they want to be black
  7. Now... the worst one yet.... FUCKING X FACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before X Factor, I used to be a massive Girls Aloud fan, a few years ago I went to their concert. Cheryl used to be my favourite, I thought she was beautiful and perfect and I really wanted to be a pretty as her. I even made a Sims 2 person of her.. now that is some crazy-ass shiz-nip. So yeah, I used to really admire this woman, but now, since so much shit was started when she joined the X Factor, and she showed her true colours and became such a BITCH!!!! I now detest her....
Thank you, that is all :)
Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

Unnatural~ Chapter 3

  1. Genevieve
Erastus and I both stood up abruptly as Whitney stumbled in with her arm laced in a tall and over tanned guys arm.  She looked at us surprised and said, “Oh, hey guys didn’t know you were both still here.” I knew what she was trying to get at. Whitney wanted me and Erastus to leave so she could, as she would usually put it, ‘get off’ with her new ‘friend’. “Oh, we were both just leaving” I said pulling Erastus by the sleeve of his perfectly ironed grey suit towards the door. Whitney mouthed thanks to me then winked before Erastus and I disappeared out in to the corridor of the Motel.
“Why are we leaving?” Erastus asked straitening the creases I made in his sleeve, his porcelain face turning confused. I thought carefully about how to answer his question in a way he would understand, “Whitney and… whoever that was, are going too… get off” I said lightly as I turned to walk down the hall. Erastus quickly followed me while looking down at the floor with his pale face all cute and confused. “I do not understand that reference” he finally said. I couldn’t help myself and I burst out with laughter, “I’ll explain to you another time, now let’s just find somewhere quiet to finish talking.” Erastus smiled and walked next to me, gazing at everything as if he was a child in a sweet shop. 

Unnatural~ Chapter 2

  1. Erastus
I could sense Genevieve was circuago, upset. The older I get the harder it becomes to tell human emotions apart from one another. I myself do still process commotiones, emotions, except an Angel’s commotiones are considerably different to a human, and the worlds are of no similarity.
I concluded the best thing to do was to take her mind off of it, as hard as that may be; it pained me to see her circuago like this. “Could you please describe the house you grew up in?” She looked up at me again with teary eyes, making the dark blue shine in the dim motel light. “Sure”, Genevieve said blinking away her tears.
“It is beautiful, very different to any other house I have ever seen. Our parents left the house to me, knowing I was more responsible than Whitney and I do adore that house. So from time to time when we are either hunting nearby or we have a little break we go back a stay there, as it is much nicer than the usual motels.”
“So the house is in the middle of an actual forest that is full with wild horses and cows and has some of the most wonderful sceneries I like to walk though. It has a long drive way that leads to a tall iron gate with aged metal roses wound round it, and then through that is a two acre garden divided by stones surrounding the four squares of grass. Then in the middle of that is a three by three meter pond filled with fishes of many colors. So to the right of that is a small cottage where Idelle used to live, but my Mother changed that to an orangery which is lovely to read in during the summer. And then on the left is the main house that stretches the full length of the land.”
I nodded, even though I knew where Genevieve and Whitney lived and what the house looked like, I still enjoyed listening to Genevieve talk. She has the most soothing of voices, enough to warm anybodies heart. Just watching her was enough to make me feel exanimalis, breathless. Not that I need to breathe that is.
“The first room you walk in to is the entrance hall, which isn’t that interesting, but to the left is a long corridor leading to all the bedrooms, the first room is a guest room, not that we get any guests, then is Whitney’s bathroom, and her bedroom. I’m not entirely sure what it looks like as she changes it a lot and she hates me going in there, but at the end of the corridor is the master bedroom, or my room, which I moved in to after our parents… passed… and that is a creamy color, not that interesting either.” Before she continued I quickly interrupted her and felt bad about it as interrupting one another is rude, but it was important to me, “Oh please do describe your sleeping quarters to me.”
Genevieve opened her mouth to reply, but before she could release a single word someone walked in the room. 

Writer's Block: Scents and sensibility

Hmmm.... I love the smell of roses.. and banana shower gel..... and my cat when she's been outside.. she always has this nice earthy smell..... urgh, its such a hard choice... I'm gonna have to go with my cat <3 
What is your favorite smell?
Umm.... does my SPN FaceBook Role Play account count? Cause on there I got told like a few hours ago I was beautiful by my Role Play husband... shame its not true though... umm.. in Real Life... I don't know... its quite a rare thing for me I guess 
What is the last compliment you received?

(my little fanfic) Unnatural~ Chapter 1

  1. Genevieve
His calming green eyes held my gaze for a few moments, and then I turned to the hard motel bed and sat down facing him. “Where would you like me to start?” I asked. “Where ever seems appropriate” he answered with a quick smile and sat up straighter on the edge of the identical bed opposite me.
“Okay”, I mumbled feeling nervous by his presence, “My Sister, Whitney, who you met earlier, and I grew up in Southampton, just outside it actually, in the New Forest, in a large house that made the whole neighborhood jealous. It was the type of place where everybody knew each other, and were all friends, except with us, the Halding family. We were the outsiders, as our parent’s, Eric and Joanna, they were always away hunting and Whitney and I didn’t go to normal school or clubs, we were homeschooled by a lovely French lady called Idelle. As we became teenagers Idelle passed away and we would stay at home in that big old house by ourselves. So while I continued with my school and super natural studies, Whitney was influenced by… other things”, I grinned slightly thinking about the Mrs. Claus Playboy dress she wore years ago at Christmas.
Erastus cocked his head to the side looking at me in confusion. This made my grin widen, remembering the many times he has said ‘I do not understand that reference’. Of course I knew why, it has been a long time since Tudor period when he was a human, and many things have changed since then, explaining why a mere five-hundred-year-old Angel would not understand modern age humor. I guess its more reason why I have the strong feelings that I do for him. “I’ll carry on then”, I said still smiling. Erastus returned to his normal straight posture and smiled slightly sending thrills through me. “I would very much like that”, I blushed lightly thinking about mine and my Sister’s past he would want to hear about.
“When I turned sixteen our parents started taking me on hunts with them, it was sort of our family business really, and I had always been interested in the super natural and the unnatural. Anyways Whitney wasn’t ever massively interested in hunting but after our parents… died”, I paused and took a deep breath before carrying on; “She pretty much had to help me out. I mean of course we couldn’t just forget about hunting, I had grown up in it, our parents expected us to both carry on, and so it is our duty to do so. But sometimes it feels as if it’s a never ending job”
I frowned slightly and looked down from Erastus to my hands on my lap, which had become sweaty from my nerves. I pictured my Mother and my Father in my mind, both smiling and happy. Although I hardly ever saw them both I still loved them, and when they died I was heartbroken, so was Whitney. I don’t know how we both kept going. 


From now on I will be posting my story.. book... fanfic... what ever you want to call it, on here... chapter by chapter... and I would prefer it if ya'll (I feel so American when I say that) commented on it and told me what ya'll (Haha!!) think :D

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